Learn to Rap

When it comes to learning how to rap, there are several different methods used for achieving this goal. This article will take a look at a couple helpful learning techniques that will help anyone looking to learn how to rap. When it comes to rapping, knowing the basics is very important

How to Rap

The first thing that you need to realize is that learning how to rap does take some work. You should have an idea of what kind of rap style fits you the best. Do Do you prefer West coast, Midwest, East coast or the Dirty South style of rap.

After figuring out what style of rap is for you, I recommend studying successful rappers that are currently doing that style of rap. For example: if you are looking to learn how to be a West coast rapper, you might want to study an artist such as Snoop Dogg. If you are interested in learning the East coast style, you probably would look at some one like Jay-Z. The cool thing about this tip is that this is something that you probably are already doing. All you need to do now is listen a little closer then you normally would.

Another good idea would be to pick any subject, it can be school, home, a girl or even a sport. Once you've picked a topic, start writing about that subject using simple rhymes. What I mean is, do not use big complicated words use, use small simple words that are easy to rhyme with. Write your rhymes in pairs of two's. Try to fill up a whole sheet of paper with your rhymes. Don't worry about it making sense, just write it. Once you have your full sheet of rhymes, read it over and over until you can rap it with out having to look at your paper.

Once you get it to the point where you can rap it without looking at your paper, get any type of recorder to record yourself rapping. Record yourself rapping and listen to it several times. Listen to see if you are messing up, if you stutter or just can't be understood. After mastering that rhyme from the paper and sounding smooth and clear on tape, start a whole new rhyme about a whole new topic. Doing this exercise will get you used to writing and rapping rhymes. The more you do this, the easier it will become and the more complex your rhymes will get. So when it comes to learning how to rap, this helpful learning technique will get you off to a good start.

Learn to rap